digital strategy & digital marketing 10 strategic decisions that will help transform your brand

The world is now digitized, and those who fail in having a powerful existence in the digital scene will eventually phase out.  Brand competition is harsh, and only those who use the right strategies and tactics survive and win over the market. Because digital strategy is our specialty, we brought you a list of the most strategic decisions that will help transform your brand from ordinary to extraordinary.

  1. Visual is key

An average person is exposed to a huge number of ads, posts, and news throughout the day. Because the human brain uses selective memory, we end up with only extremely appealing pieces of content sticking to our mind. Brands often compete to gain that spot, creating brand recall, however, only the most creative and visually appealing content will stand out. For that matter, find the best photographers, videographers and graphic designers to help glorify your core business offering.


  1. Trust in numbers

After years of working in the field, managers often become too confident in their decisions. They often fall into a pitfall of trusting their instinct against numbers and researches. However, that often yields into failing. Constant research and development will predict what your next move should be. Given the right insights, you know the scope at which your decision should be directed.


  1. Use Cross-Channel Marketing

Different people exist in different digital platforms, so, having a huge fanbase on Facebook for instance and ignoring other platforms limits you to only a small segment of your target audience. Learn all about the different platforms, who uses them, and what attracts them. That’s the only way you can get the desired outcome from such a platform.


  1. Don’t just follow trends, analyze them

Following trends blindly is not the way for creating viral content. Your strategists need to analyze trends and find the ones that comply with your brand identity. For example, if you’re selling a product that targets professional grown-ups from class A, you shouldn’t be using the ongoing trend of funny TikTok videos with teenagers singing. If your target audience is young adults, then the #DollyPartonChallenge is yours to hijack!


  1. Use the right technology, and always innovate

With the fast-paced evolving technology we see, you’d be pushing your business straight off a cliff if you don’t adapt. Think of brands as big as Blackberry, Nokia, Kodak, Yahoo, and more who failed to innovate and adapt. Using the right technological tools will facilitate your operation and enhance your results. Find out what we can offer you through our sister company TAC Xperience!


  1. Know your strengths and your weaknesses

Executives often underestimate their weaknesses and overestimate their strengths, yielding in wrong knowledge of where they stand in the market. Trust in professional analysts to give you the right SWOT analysis and place you correctly on the perceptual map.



  1. Find the right social media persona

Your persona and tone of voice need to comply with your chosen platform and the audience in it. For instance, if you use the exact tone of voice in LinkedIn and emails as that you use on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll end up losing one of the two segments. Minor variations between friendliness and professionalism will save you from that.


  1. Test first

Always run tests before going all in your campaigns. Check insights and outcomes before spending all your time and resources on one campaign, goal or objective. If you do so, you might end up losing everything!


  1. Gather feedback

Your customers and clients are a valuable source of information about where you stand. Check their reviews, engage them in conversations, and ask them directly about their needs and what they wish to change or enhance. Basic CRM and building rapport will create loyal customers that will choose you over competitors at any moment.


  1. Outsource

While you focus on your core business, let professionals handle all your business. At TAC Universe, we have six leading companies and a rich list of services that will provide you with instant and smart solutions to complex business issues. Check our services here and reach out to us through the following link.


It’s time to get your business shining! Ready for an epic transformation?