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As the crisis of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) peaks, many brands are struggling.

The ongoing crisis is ramping up the pressure on marketers who are expected to ride this public health crisis wave. While some companies now have products in high demand, others are struggling to get sales. 

This means, rethinking your marketing efforts to make them more relevant. Here are five things that brands can do to manage this crisis.


1.Don’t Hard Sell, Show Support


As marketers, the most important question you need to be answering right now isn’t ‘how can I sell more?’. Instead, you should be focusing your message on your customers and how COVID-19 is affecting them. Questions such as ‘how can I better support my customers at this time?’, or ‘how can my product/service or advice help ease my customer’s fears during this time’, will work on bettering your brand’s image, rather than focusing solely on profit.

Making a donation or offering your services or products to people in need of help at this time is a good thing to do – and It is good for PR, too.


2.Use Topics and Keywords for Precise Targeting


Coronavirus is big news. It, therefore, makes sense that many people are talking about it, going online to find out more, and buying relevant products to help protect themselves.

This has presented a unique opportunity for brands in sectors, such as healthcare, wellness, and medical products, to build a closer relationship with consumers. To do so, you want to make sure you target the right customers.


3.Make Your Creatives Relevant


With coronavirus front of mind, incorporating keywords and visuals relevant to the crisis into your marketing campaigns and ads can help you draw attention to them. However, you need to be careful and ensure they are appropriate.

Many businesses have resigned themselves to the fact that sales will, unfortunately, drop at this time, due to brands not knowing the future and saving budget. However, you can use this time to focus on strategy and the various campaigns that you will run when things pick back up again.

You can also use this time to update content, tutorial videos, and your website, to help your brand look better and fresher than ever.


4.Ensure Brand Safety in Advertising


It is all about putting ads in the right context, and during this sensitive time, you need to pay more attention than ever to where your ads are seen. Placing travel ads right now, for example, might be viewed as inappropriate considering the strict travel restrictions.

To avoid creating a negative brand impression and damaging your brand reputation, you can use AI techniques like natural language processing and deep learning to analyze data and gain a better understanding of content, ensuring wherever you are placing your ad is both brand-safe and relevant.


5.Focus on Multichannel Communication 


At this time, your prospects will be focusing more on their phones, keeping an eye on the news and their social channels for updates on COVID-19. This is an opportunity for your brand to take advance of the spike in audience touchpoints and build long-term relationships with your audience, through social and other mobile-first channels.

Try to create an engaging experience and provide comfort in a time of fear – whether that’s through helpful advice or guidance to authoritative sources.  Ensure your team is providing great customer service and an excellent e-comms experience, through as many channels as possible.


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