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As the coronavirus outbreak grows, more people are working from home.

While this all can be tough, finding a strategy that works can help you make it through.

Here are 6 things that will help your staff remain productive while working from home.


1.Distinguish between work and home mode ( Location-Location-Location )


Try to find yourself a dedicated and comfortable spot to work that you can associate with your job and leave when you’re off the clock — that means get off the couch, and definitely out of bed.

Switch from home to work mode by having something you physically do to “flip the switch”. 

 Don’t forget that you are there to work – so set yourself up the right way, get dressed and brush your teeth at the start of the day rather than sitting in your pyjamas for the full workday.


2. Be realistic about what you can achieve


 Don’t fall into the trap of being over-ambitious, Instead, be realistic and then possibly achieve more than you set out to; and feeling satisfied, rather than feeling disappointed you didn’t do everything. 

Choose three to five things to do and aim to get the majority done before midday. We all slow down in the mid-afternoon and having a lot of your list done will give you the push to power through 


3.Work in short bursts


When we’re in the office our day is normally broken up with meetings. Although this can be frustrating, they divide the day up and create natural chunks of time, a day at home can be very unstructured.”

In order to be productive impose structure on yourself. For example, working in 45-60 minute chunks of focused work followed by a short break. This can be an effective way to break the day up and maintain your concentration levels.


4.How to handle conference calls


Group meetings in-person can be difficult, but having them online they can be an absolute mess.

It is absolutely vital that someone is leading the meeting. This person needs to determine the speaking order and call people to speak, as well as pick up 

 It’s frustrating when you’re on a call and all you can hear is the background noise of one of your Guests drowning out the person trying to talk. This is where the mute button comes in handy. 


5.Keep spirits up’


Make no mistake, these are stressful times. Negative headlines, worrying about sick or elderly loved ones and fighting the urge to go panic buying can all put answering work emails on the back burner. But the more effort you put into communicating with colleagues, the better chance you have of avoiding feelings of isolation, which can lead to depression.


6.These Are the Best Times to Learn and Create for Optimal Success


Of course everyone is different and can vary in their best times of day for learning. Some people learn most effectively late in the evening and can only concentrate with difficulty in the mornings. Other people however are at their most effective in the mornings. Since we do have some luxury with our time. We should be using it wisely by educating & learning especially with the unlimited online resources currently available.


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