Blogs, originally “Web blogs” are online personal websites with journal-like commentary; growing each passing day, blogging definitely has changed over the years, where it used to be a little simpler back in the days, it looked more like a personal diary, were a person would commonly talk about their daily life or share things they do or like.

With The Golden Age of The Internet and as content started getting more diverse, people started to communicate further and interact with others about different ideas and random topics, and with blogs growing more and more, entrepreneurs saw a chance to use blogging for marketing. Businesses started to adopt the idea of blogging, some even integrating it with their website to keep a single online presence. 

But that’s not always the case since sometimes blogs can be a standalone business in and of itself. In fact, it can sometimes be much better to keep separate entities, since websites offer static, rarely-changing info, blogs tend/need to be updated more frequently. 

Another main difference or aspect you need to consider is that blogs allow readers to engage, comment and discuss ideas with the blogger. 

More and more businesses are adopting the blogging direction in their strategies, other than offering services, marketing and selling your products, blogs can be of much more value to your business.

It’s a great tool for search engine optimization since search engines run on new content, which in turn will help you drive traffic to your website.

You can use it to keep your customers up to date, with some product type news like letting them know about releases, special events, and new deals. 

You should use your blog to build rapport with prospects since they can comment and engage with you and with one another, in turn aiding you to build your expertise and enhance your credibility.

You can easily use it as a lead capturing tool with a very simple call to action. Where you can offer any content asset, for which people would exchange their information. Some might even offer a membership or subscription (can be of monetary value) to access exclusive content.

Influencers are key assets you can use, recommend, or even add your little twist to their material and create quality content to get more effective outreach.

Some marketers would use blogs to low-cost-test campaigns for effectiveness, before investing a lot of time, money, and effort into it. 

Selling blog space for ads is another way to monetize your blog when you have the right reach and attention. And remember, the more you post the more you’re relevant or search engines.


When you start a blog, you’ll need to keep a steady mindset along the way to work on your content consistently and keep readers interested and eager to read your next blog post. Just remember the main rules, write for yourself, be consistent, listen to your followers, provide quality content, build lists and always, always love your audience and don’t just obsess over getting new readers.