How many times have you thought or planned quitting your job? Well, it always circles back to the same fundamental reason; which is you are not HAPPY at work anymore!

Being happy at work is essential that’s why a week (23rd September – 27th September) has been declared  to be international Week of Happiness at Work!

Take a moment and look deeper into your current situation!

If you don’t like what you do and you just keep going to pay the bills, try and find your passion for you won’t be HAPPY unless you wake up every morning to do something you love. If you love what you do but you’re uncomfortable with the place you’re in, you’re on the safe side as there are many ways or tips that will definitely make you happier at work!


1- Happiness is a choice:

Be positive, avoid negativity and gossip at work.. CHOOSE to be happy and always look at the full half of the cup!

2- Take charge of your own growth:

Whether it’s your professional or personal development; if you can’t tangibly touch your own progress, you’ll feel that every day is like the previous and that you don’t have purpose for your life. You may extend this to help a colleague with the same journey and share tips and new ways for self- development.

3- Work hard BUT have a work- life balance:

It’s crucial for your career path to be a hard-worker, work extra hours and have no limits, however

don’t forget your own personal life as it’s as important as your work life!

4- Start an initiative at work:

It can be a regular scheduled discussion with the theme “how we can improve our work environment”.

In other words, dedicate a friendly meeting to enhance the quality of your work environment.

5- Drink your coffee together:

Spend your coffee break with your team, so you have more time to get to know each other.

6- Lunch together:

Lunch is always better with some nice company! Make friends at work and have lunch

together to enjoy your time and to bond.

7- Have your own work game:

It can either be a game in the break area, available for all your work mates or an internal light fun game within your team.

Spreading HAPPINESS at WORK is important to the employers as well as the employees! Because simply the happier the employees are, the more successful and productive they become! 
Understanding this concept, Maartje Wolff and Fennande van der Meulen, have started an initiative, the INTERNATIONAL WEEK OF HAPPINESS AT WORK in 2018.
You can know more about this and sign the manifesto on:




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