It’s finally summertime and every single business out there is aiming for some of that good Vitamin C! – C indicating Creative Campaigns, of course. You might think that amid what’s going on in the world, your brand simply isn’t summer body ready yet, but you see this is where you’re wrong, and this is where we come in. In order to make this guide as helpful and simple as possible, we broke it down into 10 steps that are easy to implement and will hopefully help you ride that viral marketing wave and leave your brand feeling fresh and hot in your consumers’ minds.

1. Start with a Realistic Timeframe

To begin with, it’s true that things change every hour, and being as fast and timely as possible in the industry could make or break your business. However, execution needs a thorough planning process with every little ac/on calculated and being taken care of, so eventually, the campaign can see the light in all of its right shades. So, make sure to keep all aspects and last-minute changes into consideration and set a very logical timeline for the launch of your campaign

2.Set a Clear Milestone and Goal

You need to decide on a handful of outcomes and benchmarks that make sense to you and your team along the way. Is your main objective to increase the leads? The engagement? Simply conveying a strong brand image, or boosting your mobile app installs? Whatever your ultimate result and end-goal is, choose one and stick to it otherwise you’ll get distracted and your campaign will kick-start on the wrong foot.

3.Know Thy Audience

We can’t stress this point enough; we’ve witnessed loads of local brands do every single thing on this checklist right, but afaer the launch have been severely criticized because “their choice of star celebrity wasn’t right” or “that one shot in the ad was not perceived well by the audience and was considered inappropriate.. well, you get the point.

4. What are your Channels of delivery?

Knowing your selected platforms and social media channels will save you loads of /me and work, and this one is especially linked to point #3. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tiktok, the list is seemingly endless, and they all seem very temp/ng for your brand to present itself on. But are your target customers even ac/ve there? And what about your ROI? Sometimes being on multiple platforms isn’t the best option and you need to be picky. Spreading your budget too thin and splitting your focus could do more harm than good to your campaign.

5. Estimate a reasonable Budget

Make sure your campaign and efforts are fully aligned with the budget you have in mind. It’s also crucial to think of your options first: Can I implement this idea with less resources and follow a guerilla marketing style campaign? Or do I need high production value for example to get the message across? Don’t just jump into conclusions or try to take the easy way out when it comes to this step. Ever since lockdown, we’ve noticed dozens of brands that produced insane breakthrough campaigns with the lowest cost possible. Simplicity is the secret in 2020.

6. Relatability of campaign idea and content

Relatable content in summer campaigns is strongly related to the /me and trends you could take advantage of when building a strong foundation. For example, when mentioning summer 2020, basing you campaign around “summer gatherings” and “having fun at the beach with your friends” might not be the best op/on right now. Instead, you can focus on the concept of getting back on track, beating the heat using your product or even sen/mental feelings such as: comfort, safety and amity.

7. Connect with your customers – Use UGC

User-Generated Content is the perfect way to start a 2 way conversation on social media. Not only does it increase your chances of exposure, but it also creates a sort of ripple effect which could move on to be a killer word of mouth marketing technique. Furthermore, consumers now more than ever, are loud and want to get heard. Opening this door will show how much your brand cares about engaging with its people and will guarantee you a strong and loyal fanbase that could later on turn to valuable brand advocates.

8. Utilize Partnerships and Collaborations

To guarantee that your summer campaign is implemented well and that you really made use of every nook and cranny in the thought process, we suggest collaborating with brands that share common values and a similar vision as you. It could even be an exci/ng new experiment where both you and your business partner can increase brand recognition.

9. Check results from previous campaigns and Reflect

We’re big believers of Reflecting. And no, we don’t mean meditating and thinking about your campaign while doing yoga (although, if that will help you improve your ac/on steps, then by all means, you do you). We mean reflecting on past experiences and success (or even failure) stories. Looking back can massively give you insights on what to expect and learning from mistakes will put you on the right track this time.

10. Launch the campaign and continually assess to adjust where necessary

We like to call this one last step “Keeping Your Finger On the Pulse”. A wrong way to launch a campaign is to hit accelerate and then abandon the vehicle expecting it to know exactly what to do on its own. You need to be there to measure the pace, make any necessary adjustments and hit the brakes if needs be.


Share with us what you think are other important steps brands and startups need to be on the lookout for when it comes to launching a groundbreaking summer campaign! And what are some recent seasonal campaigns you’ve been loving?