Want to know what are the best ways to engage with your audience?

Instagram stories are a very good way to engage with your audience even if they are not engaging with your posts, so you need to include the stories in your marketing campaign because it will be very effective for your business.

Here are some features of Instagram stories that you can implement:

 1- you can use the Swipe up feature:

You can use this feature only if your account has 10,000 followers or more, this feature will help you to drive traffic to your website and they will know more details about your products and your brands, for example, if you want people to shop online through your website by this feature you can direct them to your website.

2- Using features like Polls, Questions and swipe meter:

You can use polls to know your customers’ feedbacks and reviews about your product and also to know what are their favorite products. Questions will help you to find an answer to any question you want. Swipe meter will help you to survey your customers to get their thoughts on anything and to know how much your customers love a certain product.

3- Drive traffic to your social media posts:

 You can use stories to direct the audience to your new post or video once you posted it by clicking “Add post to your story”. You can also add some GIFs and stickers to make your story more interesting for your audience.

4- It’s better to post stories every day:

Stories stay only for twenty-four hours so by posting stories every day you will save content to use it later on different platforms. Every time you post a new story circle your profile picture will have a red circle around it that attracts your audience. you can also share your stories again through the highlights feature.

5- You need to use more hashtags:

The same as your Instagram posts you should use hashtags to get more views and higher reach on your stories. Hashtags can double your views, but you should use hashtags relevant to your content and your brand.

6- Be Creative:

You should and try different features and make sure that your application is up to date to be the first who discover any new feature and to see how they affect your engagement.

7- You should create Instagram stories ads:

By creating ads you will have higher reach and your stories will appear for people will they are scrolling through their stories even if they are not following your account.

Implementing one of these features will help you to get higher reach and engagement with your audience.


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