Outbound VS. Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing: 

It’s basically a “push” marketing in which you deliver a general message to the largest number of people through interrupting them with your content.

Inbound marketing:

On the other hand, inbound marketing is “magnetic”, where you put your content for the customers who are looking for you!


5 reasons to use “Inbound Marketing”

1- Attract your best prospects

When using inbound marketing, attract the best prospects as you put content for those who are searching online for a solution related to your product or service, such as website content, blog content, downloadable content offered on your website.

2- Money saver

Inbound costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing.

3- Builds trust

The high quality and valuable information you provide your prospects with build their trust and loyalty towards your brand and then they are more likely to take action.

4- Saves time

Inbound marketing saves your time, as you don’t have to plan and create many general messages to a large number of audience.

5- Promotes your long-term growth

The content in inbound marketing is cumulative and doesn’t get old. It’s information that you put out there for those who are interested.


Do you think you’ll give it a try?


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