How To Impress Your CEO With The Digital Metrics?

Are you getting ready for that weekly presentation?

Not sure of which features will impress your CEO? 

CEOs are looking for impressive metrics. These include sales revenue, number of new customers and number of new leads. You have to make sure that your digital marketing is based on real and strong evidence.

First of all, there are two things that you shouldn’t forget,

1-what are the metrics that your CEO is looking for

2- How to create and implement an impressive digital marketing metrics

Every business differ from the other one depending on its goals and targets

What are the digital metrics that matter to your CEO?

1-Cost Per Lead:

Cost per lead is the amount of money you have spent on a specific digital marketing platform to attract a new customer for a certain campaign. It’s very important to know how much it costs to generate new leads more than the number of leads itself.

2-Conversion Rate for sales:

The most important metric your CEO will focus on is the amount of money your website is making and the impact of the traffic you have generated on your website. If the traffic of your website is high but there is a low conversion rate there would be a problem

3-Conversion rates for leads:

Your CEO will want to know how your digital marketing efforts are helping your sales team to meet their goals.

Also, your CEO will need to know these digital metrics: 

1-Overall Website Traffic:

All your marketing efforts will focus on driving traffic to your website.

2-Traffic By Source:

this metric focus on where your website visitors are coming from

3- New Visitors Vs. Returning Visitors:

This metric helps you to know how relevant your website content is over time.


this metric focuses on how many visits your website receives.

5-Page Views:

This is the total number of pages viewed and the users who visit a page more than one time.

6 -Bounce Rate:

the average of people who leave from your website after viewing one page only


an impression is the overall number of views your content receives.

8- Reach:

The number of people reached by the post you made on your social media channels. 


the total number of interactions made on your post.

Finally, always use the analysis data to guide your next steps.

But when it comes to digital marketing metrics that matter, there is an endless number.
The above metrics are your solution and your weapon to impress your CEO with your work, measuring these data is your evidence to your success. Each of these metrics focuses on a specific thing in your digital marketing campaign, so it would be best to use the above metrics. These metrics will allow you to make more improvements in your digital marketing campaign.


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