The App Concept is pleased to announce that experienced CEO and serial entrepreneur Mohammed El Khamissy has joined its Board of Directors effective earlier this month, expanding its membership to five veteran business leaders.

Using his strong business acumen, he has guided the transformation of a diverse range of companies around the world (Middle East and North America), leading to their explosive growth. Elkhamissy, also known as “MK” is currently the general manager of operations in one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East, where he orchestrated the company’s growth from $600 million to $2 billion. Prior to his current role, starting 2002 to mid-2004 he was the leading boutique real estate consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia. 

“I see a wide range of opportunities for The App Concept and I’m excited to utilize my extensive previous experience in my role as the company’s newest board member and investor to help catalyze its next growth phase,” El Khamissy said, adding: “The App Concept already has the core technology elements to be a market leader, and this, combined with its value focus on technology & data, enable it to provide the strategic digital planning institutions are seeking.”

With all his business and life journeys, MK has distilled his experiences to one grand vision “Knowledge Sharing”. MK believes that the only way to transform the mind, body, and soul is through embracing the human natural tendency to socialize and engage in dialogues and collaborations. Simple jeans and t-shirt conversation.

MK has a BA in Finance from Georgia State University and an Executive Masters in Construction Design from Northwestern University.


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