Why Movement Marketing is Important for Your Brand

For a long time, movement marketing has been there supporting many brands locally and internationally. But in case you’re asking yourself at the moment, what is actually movement marketing? What does it mean for your brand to make a movement? And why is it that important for you to make sure that it’s included in your future plan?

Movement marketing is a way in which businesses craft marketing initiatives around their visions, rather than around their products. Instead of making a whole campaign about the latest product, they make a campaign supporting women’s body image for example.

The question here is as follows: Why would you choose movement marketing for your brand?

1- Connect with Customers:

Movement marketing enables the path for a human connection between the brand and the customer, allowing the customer to feel an emotion instead of needing a product. This creates a deeper connection that the act of “buying” can’t achieve.


Many brands turn to storytelling when using movement marketing to make the audience relate to the campaigns presented. Storytelling has always been known as the most engaging way to keep the audience interested, combining it with movement marketing to make the customer initiate a positive movement in the world makes it the perfect combo in the marketing world.


Customers always look for what’s new, what’s fresh, and what they haven’t seen before! Telling them that their favorite soda bottle has a new shape will sell it but not like telling it in a new original way revolving around making the world a better place. Brands such as Coca-Cola did it best when they promoted a new shape of their bottles with a cap that needs another cap to open, forcing people to talk in order to open their bottles together, bringing them together. Again, focus on the message, not the product!

4-Contribute to the bigger conversations/messages:

Movement marketing pushes brands to move away from forcing advertising messages to contributing to bigger conversations that connect brands, consumers, and causes. Wouldn’t you rather purchase a soda from a company working on clean water solutions than a company selling soda just for money?

By making a movement, you start something that joins individuals and turns out to be a piece of their lives. A simple act or movement may not just be your next marketing or advertising strategy to gain your audience’s attention, but it might be the spark that ignites a bigger movement changing many lives!


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