Portfolio Service: Photography

photography in Egypt tamara


Reflecting the Lebanese cuisine in every shot, showing the Lebanese version of the Egyptian Cuisine up close and personal. We focused on transferring such a sensory experience through every shot captured, guaranteeing captivating senses and inviting all guests.
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Photography Uncle Sam’s

Uncle Sam’s

Nothing says American more than a deliciously layered sandwich shot up close and personal, tempting all guests to order it instantly. Shots captured reflected a smooth blend of modern and retro-themed styling.
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Photography The Chocolate

Le Chocolat

Chocolate! An element so tempting, close-ups were a must! Blending raw cocoa with made to perfection chocolate with the right set of props entices tasters to visit their Chocolate Factory.
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Photography Ted's


Shedding the right light on the details of every American styled dish, for Ted’s food photography we adopted a balanced sense of styling with all elements to reflect the freshness of every single ingredient in every dish.
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Photography Oppo Promoters


Live event coverage with vivid shots of all interactions to transport the vibrancy of all elements included in the New Oppo Phone Launch Event; Lights, Colors, Banners, and Props.
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Photography Delicia


Deliciously made to perfection desserts, we unfolded every recipe and used every ingredient as elements in our food photography, invigorating taste buds and tempting dessert fans with natural up close shots.
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