Founding a business from scratch takes guts. As in tremendous guts. The entirety of the process may seem like a lot of work at first, yet once you put your mind to it, it becomes, dares I say it, a lot of fun. Real talk though, you’ll need some intense planning for this kinda process.

Initially, There are a number of essential factors to consider, as a business owner or entrepreneur, and study extensively; namely the holy trinity of what? Why? And who?

When thinking of what? Question yourself on the viability of the idea/product that you aim to deliver.
The why? Should lead you to assess the value and eccentricity of said idea/product.The who? Points to your research of a profitable niche among a specific target demographic (audience)

If you’ve read our Adaptability 101: Life after Corona article, then you should be aware of the never seen before disruptions of the market equilibrium, and how this is changing the face of doing business for the next two decades. On taking this into consideration, you dear business owner/ entrepreneur, are bound to reach the logical conclusion of the significant importance of E-marketing.

E-marketing will not only be part and parcel of your entrepreneurial journey to success, but it will also relieve you from the limiting one-size fit of old school marketing. Hence, opting for launching your business online, the right way will give you endless opportunities for staying afloat, increasing traffic, and boosting sales revenue.

So without further ado, TAC Universe is here to bless you with a cheat sheet of 10 steps that’ll breathe life into launching your business online. Said 10 steps are divided into 2 overarching phases. 1st: the pre-launch phase, and 2​nd ​ the launch phase.

Scream and Shout, and Draft it all out

You heard it right. Go ahead and draft the living daylights out of your pre-launch campaign. Back in the stone age, corporates were miserably driven to PR agencies in an effort to “ spread the word” and circulate buzz around their brands’ campaign launching. Sad right?

Nowadays, the digital age has blessed all them business owners/ entrepreneurs in the club with complete access and authority to test, iterate, and control their marketing strategies. smart-launch consists of 5 vital steps:

1) Choose your product selection

wisely make sure to brainstorm beyond your subjective view of your product/ service. Think from a consumer’s POV and ask yourself: is my product/service in demand? Is it being searched for out there? In order to answer those questions properly, you’ll need to rely on data and pattern analysis, this will help you trace what’s trending and in turn, will give you a head start advantage for landing first place to your target audience.

2) Know your Target audience​

Get it on with some fine consumer research; monitor what’s hot on social media trends and hashtags, what’s turning heads on B2B websites such as Amazon, Alibaba, etc., what’s buzzing on user communities such as Quora and Reddit, what are the best performing posts on product curation accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. This will give you a better, clearer idea on what your target audience wants, needs, and prefers. Simply put, you’ll know where to throw in your nets for a good catch.

3) Invest in web design, if needed​

Now that you’ve analyzed your product, value and audience, it’s time to project them (if necessary or profitable for their visibility) onto their first and foremost important online framework: their designated website. A website acts as a business’s landing, organic face; it must be easy on the eyes, interesting enough to lure in potential clients, and efficient in its design matrix. More importantly, its contextualization and extra facilitating features are a huge plus. Some of the features you’ll need to consider are: contact information, linked forum and Email submissions, social media integration and E-commerce features

4) Determine your service/product delivery method

You need to identify what you’re selling: is it a physical product? Are you manufacturing said product? Or are you relying on an outsourcing inventory? Will you need an/a international or local carrier to deliver to your customers? Is it a non-physical service you’re delivering? Will you need an efficient online framework to deliver it? You can add e-commerce features to your already existing website by using plug-ins, Shopify, buy buttons via PayPal and google checkout forums and collaborating with shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, Aramex, etc.. you can also check out this conclusive shipping and delivery guide via

5) Strategize​

Outline your marketing channels and think of the most efficient and effective strategies for optimizing your business. Bear in mind that there are a gazillion marketing tactics and strategies that you can implement. But first, you’ll need to execute a critical SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats concerning your Business. This honest and thorough analysis will go a long way for capitalizing on your leverage points and minimizing your negative points. Strengths and weaknesses are usually internal, meaning that they lie within your business’s existing frame. Meanwhile, opportunities and threats are external; where they exist outside said frame. We strongly advise that as a business owner or entrepreneur, You should be on the lookout for those external influences, because they represent an indirect yet great Influence on the growth of your business.

Unleash The Beast

Now that you’re done with drafting your pre-launch campaign, you’ll need to construct your launch plan. The launch phase tends to focus on E-marketing and figuring out the best channels for your business. When you think of a successful launch campaign, you mainly think of a smart and adequate combination of social media usage, advertisement plans, and affiliate programs. However, there’s an Alibaba cave for successful launching assets, and we’re bringing you the most efficient and essential of them all.

6) Use Social Media effectively

Social media definitely tops the list of cost-efficient and effective marketing routes for E-businesses and startups. It could be tricky to navigate since there are so many social media platforms to use. Therefore, in order for you to use social media for your business’s best interest, you must determine the nature of your business and the befitting platforms that will promote its exposure and capitalization. Using social media platforms wisely entails three important aspects: customer Engagement, client retention, and sales increase. Hence, let’s say you’re a merchant, then you need to focus on driving traffic to your website in order to boost your sales revenue. If You’re a blogger, you need to focus on getting as much exposure and engagements as you can. This means that you need to monitor your business’s target audience, and where they hang out on social media. In addition, you need to listen to what they say and how they Talk. This will in turn help you maximize your profits and your views.

7) Understand and implement SEO​

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s one of the pillars of E-marketing. Basically, it’s a process that depends on improving your website or page in terms of Visibility for relevant searches. Meaning, that the more optimized visibility your site or page has, the more likely you are to garner visits, attention, and customers for your business. The following video from search engine land is an excellent source for breaking down SEO In addition to its main 6 optimization categories in very simple terms:

Amping up your business’s SEO game is extremely beneficial for your business because every year, people conduct trillions of online searches; mostly with commercial intent where they seek to gather information about products and services which they aim to purchase. This right here is called digital traffic, and this is often a primary source for driving an Increased revenue of material impact on your bottom line ( a bottom line is your business’s net profit).

8) Create a Content Strategy

​This creation process is directly correlated to the above-mentioned SEO implementation. Not to mention, it’s of essential vitality to its success because a content strategy’s goal is to cater to your SEO strategy. Content is all about breathing life to the vision you drafted on paper. Meaning, it’s the practical audio-visual and textual implementation of said draft.

Content relies heavily on attracting interest. So, you’ll need to use smart graphics,audio, videos, captions, posts, stories etc.. in the manners befitting your social media channels. A successful content strategy comprises of three founding notions:

  • Creating a plan utilizing valuable content
  • Distributing this plan effectively
  • Creating an infrastructure to deploy said valuable content to realize your goals

Moreover, a smart content strategy should set your page or site as a helping landmark for your viewers. Doing so requires that you keep it simple, appealing and to the point. This way, it’ll boost your competitiveness in the online arena by branching the value of your content to your other marketing channels. In other words, it’ll be of instant help In driving traffic to your product and services page.

9) Plan an Email Marketing Strategy

The Email marked the birth of man’s 2​nd ​ greatest invention since the internet, where it initially popped up in the 70s but was a huge hit in the 90s. It found further use in marketing over the last 40 years as a means of traffic retention. This goes back to the fact that it enabled business owners to initiate a dialogue that adds value with their customers. This is also why content plays a crucial role in the success of an email marketing tactic. Logically, because when a potential client or customer finds a simple, to the point and alluring content-filled email, he/she is naturally tempted to look for more and engage. you may want to opt for either a monthly or weekly newsletter subscription or a drip campaign. The former entails a focus on an overarching agenda to drive traffic to your lead magnet or products and services pages. The latter is more centric of a specific and visible call to action so as to boost the clickthrough rate of your emails. Either way, you’ll need to form an organized and consistent list of valuable emails to send out, In order to subconsciously persuade the recipients to act upon them and boost your revenue.

10) Paddle with Data Analysis​

Data analysis is an integral asset for making the most out of your campaigns. Social media Analysis, in particular, enables you to weigh inaccurately on the success and failure of your business strategies and campaigns. More so, merchants and business owners who’re keen on early bird analysis tend to adjust and blend in better with market trends. In addition, they’re also shown to cut down on Marketing costs. Taking this into consideration, you’ll need to engage in social media analytic segments such as (sentimental analysis, topic modeling, trend analysis and visual analysis). This will positively affect the improvisation and improvement of your content. Also, it’ll aid you in monitoring your competitors’ growth online. You’ll be enabled to do so by monitoring their traffic, ad campaigns and content adds to their site and pages. This way you’ll be 2 steps ahead.


And that, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially, is how you hack your way to successful online business launch, in just 10 easy steps. It may seem like a lot to grasp at first, and even longer to execute, but trust us on this: take a deep breath and allow yourself to free fall into the exciting prospects of the business. You’ll embark on a roller coaster ride of infinite learning, evolving and honing both: your visions and skills.