LinkedIn has always billed itself to be of lots of differences to its competitors.

Not only being the social media platform for job seekers and recruiters but businesses as well.


But that’s not really how it’s always been with LinkedIn. In 2003 -ever so early for a social media platform to exist- it launched with only as few as 10-20 subscribers. Growing slowly but noticeably over the years. In 2005-6 LinkedIn had started achieving profits. And started implementing new features like Recommendations and People You May Know.

Thanks to the website re-architecture in 2012, LinkedIn profiles are somewhat shaped like a resume, with basic personal information, skills, career summaries, education, and employment. This doesn’t mean it’s only for jobs, still, you can always add your friends and colleagues or better yet people you don’t actually know since it is one of the aims to connect people globally across different organizations and industries.

Not only limiting itself to connecting people, but LinkedIn also indicates clearly that the platform is to also be used in posting, bringing it closer with its competitors, instead of just being that baffling place between Facebook and Google+.

Another way to expand your network on LinkedIn would be to join groups and trusted communities -with fellow employees that have similar interests, follow companies, influencers, and professionals which all works out to bring you up to date with the industry’s latest news.

Other than that, LinkedIn alone is responsible for as big as 80% of all B2B leads generated from social media. This doesn’t necessarily mean marketing on it would always be effective, it just shows how powerful it can be.

Let’s also not forget about the mobile apps, ranging from presentation sharing and e-learning apps for users to recruiting and lead generating apps for businesses. Which is one reason why despite having a lower profit margin, LinkedIn’s stock has almost always been doing better than Facebook.

LinkedIn is, of course, a great marketing space for some companies to market and showcase their products and show off their employees as well. You just need to know what to market on it.

16 years after starting out in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn proves itself as the number 1 platform B2B marketers use to distribute content with more than 645 Million members in over 200 countries and territories. Basically, LinkedIn operates the largest professional network “B2B gold mine” on the internet!


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