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The digital marketing era’s star has been social media platforms among which are Facebook and Instagram, it turned from a social hub to interact with your friends to a marketplace for all brands to showcase their brand identity and products, engaging first hand with consumers created a connection like no other, taking the brand loyalty to an unprecedented level and amplifying the brand’s commitment to deliver a customer experience rather than just a product or a service.

Customers have always been the most important part of the commercial cycle, but social media transferred how we see customers, not just people at the point of sale but rather opportunities for brands to make an impact on their lives, an impact that lives and grows with years and years to come. Usually, this impact was communicated in reminder advertising media campaigns for big brands like Pepsi, Coco-Cola, Tang, Mercedes, BMW…. They focus on reaching the customer’s share of mind and share of heart through a message in the ad rather than focusing on the product.

With the introduction of Social Media, those human warm connection filled campaigns have become more regular than a seasonal reminder. Social Media platforms host so many different types of accounts and pages delivering various things, but only recently that we witnessed the power social media in connecting humans to commercial brands by shedding the light on heartfelt stories shared by “Humans Of New York”
in Egypt.

HONY always share people’s stories, but this story in specific made a huge impact on the world not just people in Egypt; it went viral reaching up to 142 k likes, 2.1 k comments, and 6.56k shares. The story talks about 2 siblings, Hanan, and Omar who help people park their cars to raise money to afford their school fees, Hanan also adds that she wants to get a bicycle and they have been saving for 3 months but they sometimes buy from the money they make “Pepsi” and also peanuts. This story was shared so many times catching the attention of “Pepsi” which they responded to with the initiative of paying their school fees, school supplies and getting not just Hanan a bicycle but Omar too!

It was the perfect time for Pepsi to make an impact in September which is “Back To School” season, this initiative didn’t only show the humane side of Pepsi but reminded people that they matter to brands, not just an end user to their product or service.

Pepsi further on thanked Humans of New York for shedding the light on such a story and actually an opportunity for them to showcase their corporate social responsibility work and how far they are willing to go to impact the community, we also call this a golden chance for them to produce “User Generated Content” that won’t just impact the stars of the story but anyone who gets a glimpse of it.

As you can see the POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA goes a long way, removing distances, bringing people together, positively impacting people’s lives through simple notions that leave a mark in everyone’s mind, heart and the whole wide world.

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