From masterful typographers, logo & packaging designers to exceptional illustrators, animators and videographers, Behance convenes the world’s best and brightest digital artists on its platform, making it the most popular website for creatives to show off their work. Which in turn makes it one of the leading sources of inspiration -in the digital world.

Showcasing your portfolio is one of the most competent ways to promote your skills and talents. There are a lot of approaches towards creating your own portfolio, some can be simple and to some extent might seem “boring”, which is basically just inserting your work on solid backgrounds. Other ways are much more time consuming yet appear to be more effective and appealing.

Here are the top 10 tips to help you shine on Behance,

Select your best work to display; try to show your strength points. If you don’t have that much work, you can just bundle pieces up into a single Behance page, or add different mini-projects

Take your time on building the design for the layout; add a theme to compliment your project and don’t use solid presentations with little-to-no order; it’s always worth it if you give it enough time!

People like stories, try to develop a brief backstory for your projects, whether it’s an explanation for the whole thing, a short story to explain the concept, the hows and whys behind it, or just a progress story,

Keep your profile simple and consistent, stick to your own color schemes and fonts, don’t try to push for WOWs too much, you might end up dissatisfied.

Bios are usually not easy to write, but when you find the right bio, it will make your account glisten just enough for people to stay on it longer; try putting your passion into words.

Create a custom cover photo when needed; you won’t always find the right photo in your presentation to be the cover.

– This, of course, doesn’t mean the presentation is only about the cover, but it is a big deal..

One of your main focuses should be how to sort your photos in a presentation in a way where people keep scrolling through; use visual elements, hierarchy, and stick to your mood board to keep a cohesive presentation. No matter how good of a designer you are, some people can get bored along the way.

– Remember, it’s all about quality not quantity; Keep it interesting!

After adding the story feature to Behance, some have started posting work in progress, which is somewhat a good idea, whether you’re mind blocked and need help, want feedback or just for showing it off.

As you create new and better work, make sure to keep updating your profile, as posting too little can easily get you ignored. Yet popularity can have sort of a snowball effect on Behance, if you keep up with your followers, you will keep on getting bigger and increase your numbers.

Appreciate projects you like and follow fellow designers to keep your circle growing.

With ease of use being the primary advantage, and the ability to link to other social media platforms, Behance have successfully created a design community with huge spaces for conversation and day-to-day development. Remember to always stay up to date with the latest happenings with Behance’s website and trends!


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