Listen… Communicate… Engage

When it comes to customers’ loyalty to your brand, these 3 words are imperative. Especially to the FMCG sector, building a bond with your customers or fans is crucial to your product’s survival within the massive market competition.

Earn their loyalty

Loyal customers will choose your product for their trust and their loyalty to you! In order to do so, you must ‘Listen’ to them, their needs, wants, concerns and complaints. When you master this, you will definitely be able to ANTICIPATE their needs in the future to always provide them with what they MAY WANT!

Stay in touch!

ALWAYS communicate with your audience/customers. You can simply communicate your brand’s news with them or remind them how they benefit from your product.

Keep the conversation going

Engage with their conversation on social media, answer their questions and reply to their opinions and DEFINITELY, mirror them to the company’s decision-makers to take them into consideration.

Don’t turn a blind eye!

Your customers are NOT only on your social media page! You should make a regular search for what people say about your brand. Whether on their own social media profiles, on other pages or even in the newspaper! Social listening is becoming crucial nowadays as the ‘word of mouth’ travels very fast!

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

All of the above are simple steps that help you be ‘Customer Centric’ which is one of the basic principles in marketing. You shouldn’t only provide your customers with the best quality of product or service, but also provide them with after-sales services and be always on top of their needs to keep their trust and love!

In other words..

Digital marketing for FMCG is an all-inclusive package; you have to stay updated with what’s new in the market, be adaptable to changes, listen and communicate with your customers. And finally be creative and always LEARN!


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