By default, new technologies clear the path for new digital advertising trends every single day. After extensive research regarding what’s hot and what’s not in the world of digital advertising, we’ve compiled for you this list, concluding the latest and most important trends:

    1. Social Media Stories
      With such engaging features, plenty of opportunities to be creative and compel your audience to exist in the stories, especially Instagram and Facebook. Around one billion stories are shared daily on Facebook and around 500 million daily active ones on Instagram. From adding music, sharing links to mentioning people and redirecting to other platforms, the stories feature in Social media opens the door for definite out-of-the-box ideas and sharing experiences that interest the audience.
    2. Influencers
      You can’t discuss digital advertising trends without mentioning the effect of social media influencers. 70% of the brands work nowadays with influencers to market their brand by exploiting their increasing number of followers who would do anything just to eat, go out or get dressed like them. One story or one post from the audience’s favorite social media star is enough to sell thousands of your product.
    3. Augmented Reality Ad Campaigns
      AR is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, creating a composite view. Such technology when used in advertising has drastically increased the customer’s experience, from testing different shopping clothes, design ideas to even plastic surgery results. if you’re an advertiser, then you should definitely start searching for platforms that serve this kind of content.
    4. Chatbots
      An important part of the digital advertising world. Surveys show that most people prefer communicating with a chatbot rather than a customer service agent as they are available 24/7, they answer promptly and are more accurate. Brands such as Uber are taking good advantage of it making it easier for their customers to hire cars via mobile app or Facebook Messenger.
    5. UGC
      Saving the best for last, you should never miss out a chance to generate content by users. By offering incentives, encouraging your audience to generate their own content increases engagement and guarantees on-ground conversions. People definitely have more trust in people like them than in brands, as they see it as unbiased. UGC could be just a comment or a review or even take the form of a post or video on personal social media accounts.

    Every second ensures the rise of a new technology or even the rise of a new way of using an already existing technology, thus the future of digital advertising is constantly changing. To stay ahead of the game, you need to always get better at producing customized content for your audience, exploiting every feature this digital world has to offer.

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