Tone Of Voice

How your tone of voice can be a game-changer through COVID-19?


A rough time, isn’t it? You may have heard of the many small, medium, and even large businesses struggling their ways to stability every single day due to the current “crisis” situation, COVID-19!

Now how do you feel about this? Depressed? Devastated? Pessimistic?


That’s what this article is all about … Your Tone of Voice!

Changing your tone of voice will not just change your influence on your target audience but also will change how your brand is perceived in the long run. On a psychological customer behavior’s side, your tone of voice highlights and expresses your brand’s core values. Therefore, changing the way you contact your audience to a more hopeful and optimistic direction showed a high impact on different platforms.

Here are some tips on how to up your game by making some changes in your tone of voice to highlight your brand’s values as well as have an impact on your followers’ life during this hard time, let’s begin:

1- Stay Updated

Each day changes are happening, and staying updated with the current situation specifically your page’s demographic region, will help in understanding your followers’ thoughts which you can relate to and therefore they will begin to connect to you better and relate more to the content you are creating as it reflects the current updates and no one likes an off dated content, right?

2- Be thoughtful

Making fun of the current situation is a big NO. Everyone is already on edge trying to cope with the harsh reality and making fun of the importance of it may lead to loss of interest and respect to your brand from the followers.
If your brand follows a friendly or funny tone of voice, you may keep it this way but keep the balance between fun and sarcastic.

How do you get this right? The best way is by listening to what people, and your customers, are saying — and reflecting that in your copy and tone appropriately.

3- Be optimistic

It goes viral. It booms. And above all, It gives hope!
These kinds of campaigns have showcased high numbers of shares and interactions which showcase that positivity and hope-giving content will increase engagement with customers and increase brand awareness more to the direction of happiness, long visions, and of course hope.

4- It’s time for the Tech Era!

Quarantine is keeping everyone at home and moving around like before is not a likable option. So if you rely entirely upon walk-ins and physical traffic, you need to change your behavior too.
Technology now is helping people keep the social distance yet provide them with their needs to their doorsteps.
Even a mini engaging campaign for your followers to stay entertained at home will keep your brand in the image and help uplift your followers’ mental health.

5- It’s not you, It’s me!

Telecom companies have reported an increase in internet usage over the past 3 months of more than 80%.
So your customers are here but they are just behind the small screen. Now thinking about it, you may conclude that advertising heavily will get you the best sales and recognition.
Well, we hoped to not burst your bubble but that’s not entirely true. Customers behind the screen are more susceptible to daily news about the virus that affects their well being every day and advertising entirely about your brand without leaving a space for some helpful information or reliable help created by your brand will hinder your numbers and may even create an increase in unfollowing.

5- Be kind and helpful, through your brand!

Think about it more from your customers and followers’ shoes and less from your business perspective.
People need humane gestures currently, therefore your brand contribution is highly recommended.
From sustaining easy accessibility to products through, for instance: Free delivery.
To help local communities, like medical frontline and healthcare works, for instance: Nike’s initiative to help healthcare workers in the US, by transforming materials from its footwear into PPE equipment.
From small gestures to huge ones, all will be appreciated by your followers and showcase the true essence and values of your brand.

How do you think other methods copywriters can consider to maintain the stability of their brand’s image and equity through the pandemic? Share your ideas with us and check out our recent articles below.